Sunday, July 19, 2009

(440): I want to go uptown

So, as previously foretold, Molly Dull came to visit apt212 this weekend! She actually arrived to the science library on the floor above my lab, so she came down with Nathan and I gave them both a tour of the lab. I imagine they were impressed with how cool it was. I mean, most people are.

Anyway, we went to Kroger (with our environment-friendly reusable shopping bags, which saved us 9 cents) to get food for dinner which Molly and Nathan were to cook for us. We decided on pizzas, so we got all the necessary ingredients. Then we headed to "store #2," for "necessities."

Heading back to apt212, we set to work preparing dinner. Of course, desserts were handled first. Nathan began to make Jell-o shots (more on that later), while I began making pudding. "Pudding?" you ask? Yes, pudding. "What kind?" Pistachio. "Why?" Stop asking questions. I had the idea to replace some of the milk in the instant pudding directions with Bailey's Irish Cream. Result: EXCELLENCE. Matt Forrest didn't seem to care for it, but I think a different flavor would be more universally accepted. I'll probably try vanilla next time.

So the pizzas turned out gloriously, the pudding was a hit (with all but one), and it came time to try the dual-layer Lime/Berry Blast Jell-o shots. They were...interesting. Fairly potent and delivered in two doses (the top layer slid off of the first, leaving the "Ugh, it's not over yet?" thought lingering in our minds). Nathan and I agree that it was the tiny little extra vodka added "for kicks" that did it in. And maybe a rushed solidifying ("freezing") in the freezer, as opposed to the fridge. Oh well, live and learn.

Eventually, Ms. Molly Dull and Nathan set their eyes upon a bottle of wine they had brought, which was of course sealed with a cork. A synthetic cork, but a stopper nonetheless. One problem: apt212 does not own a corkscrew. Having noticed increased activity amongst our potentially shady neighbors, I propose we ask the neighbors to borrow one. I of course am volunteered to fetch said corkscrew, although I had no interest in the wine. So I drag Molly with me. We walk through the fire doors and see a sign reading "Bachelorette Party Here!" hanging on the door to our left. "They'll definitely have a corkscrew," Molly claims. I knock. "Come's opennn." Realizing that they may be anticipating strippers of the male variety, I open the door while proclaiming "We're not who you're expecting!!!" Looking into the room, we see four women in their late 20's wearing bright feather boas, fuzzy angel was rediculous. We explain our situation while Molly bonds with one of them over Chicago. Neat. We take the corkscrew back to apt212 and hope they won't make us "owe them" when we return it. Thankfully, it was given back without issue.

The rest of the night was a lot of fun. Highlights include Matt and I having drinks bought for us by a friend Bree who was drinking his sorrows away at 45East. When he demanded that we have shots, Matt and I tried to politely decline. Well he wouldn't hear it, so he made the girl bartending ask us what we wanted. Bree's friend stopped paying attention to us, so we told the bartender to make us something that looked convincing. I don't know if Matt or I have ever made Sprite and Grenadine look more badass. We played up our best "wow that burns" faces; it worked.

Other than that, Molly Dull kept texting me about how she was being made to drink at a party with Nathan. We eventually met up at Skippers, where I helped her onto a counter to sit, after convincing her she wouldn't be punished. Before we left, I went to Bagel & Deli for an onion bagel with cream cheese. Molly had agreeed to split it with me, but when I met back up with them, she wasn't quite in the mood for eating. So I got to eat the whole thing, which is never an issue.

The evening ended with us walking home and Molly running and dancing through the sprinklers. No one should be surprised by this. We fell asleep shortly after arriving home, and I made omelettes the next day, which I was told were very good. Come visit and I'll probably make you one too! Molly left, and we set to work cleaning apt212, which had been terrorized by a game called "Clusterf***k," which left many plastic Solo cups strewn about the floor. The cleaning was another story altogether, so look for that in the next post.

This is likely part I of III from this weekend. Get excited!

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  1. I would like everyone to know that I was not the only one making Molly drink that evening...and Adam was much worse in feeding everyone at the part at one chip from the entire bowl that he ate...