Monday, July 20, 2009

If you want to be my lover....

So what a weekend. Molly Dull and Nathan came to visit the wonderfulness of Apt. 212 and well let's just say Molly just about died when she stepped into the fabled Apt. 212. The excitement was too much to handle.

Friday, after touring to a bunch of architects, I met up with Molly and Nathan. We ventured back home and took Matt with us on a Kroger shopping experience. After deciding we would make pizza, we set out to the explore the newly rearranged Kroger..WTF I know, but finally after a number of small arguments (and some that caused people to stare.) we made it back to 212, after picking up Adam and began the pizza making process (Bree, Courtney and Eric came too). We all made our own personal pizza...all which were ballin' and drank some, which eventually would lead into the need for a corkscrew for the wine drinker out there. We then quickly cleaned the kitchen under mass peer pressure and commenced several exciting games of clusterf*ck. What's that you say? Don't worry about it, I will teach you sometime. We then realize around 7:30pm that maybe we started a bit to early and stop for a break, some people may have napped. But do not worry but 9pm we were back on our feet for another round. It ended with the majority of those in 212 dancing around and sadly singing to spice girls.

Matt, Bree, Christine and I ventured up town, drank some fake shots and then ventured to Skippers. It was there that we were reunited with Molly, Nathan and Adam and because it was Skippers you also have to run into every other single person you know. Including Mike Eilers and I was happy forever. We hung out until about 2 and then decided we needed to go home. Molly was sleepy (she goes to Loyola and apparently can not keep up with us Miami kids but I think we are training her well.)

So on the walk back Bree and I are walking ahead while everyone else takes their sweet ass time. Around Walnut and Poplar we see a girl crawling around on the ground attempting to burn stuff with a lighter. Bree informs me that it is a zombie and we should quickly cross the street and we do. However the second we make it this deranged women realizes that there are people near gets off the grounds runs across the street and up to us. She informs us that this guy she has been hooking up with for 3 years was not faithful and she needed me to find him (his lighter or something) and hands me the lighter in her hand and says we need to take it. I do and she stumbles off around a corner(Bree is stilled convinced she is a zombie). I instantly drop the lighter (at the time I think I thought it was cursed) and as we nervously approach the corner we see that she has vanished. Bree and I are thoroughly freaked out and rush home, meanwhile the other three (aka Molly) are running through sprinklers, completely oblivious that there are zombies one the lose. WTF! I pass out quickly after listening to Molly trying to make Nathan as comfortably as possible by insisting Matt brings him a blanket. Oh well....

July 20, 1944 – Franklin D. Roosevelt wins the Democratic Party nomination for the fourth and final time at the 1944 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

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  1. this post is perfection and i love it.
    remember how we peeped/slammed into adam's house? :)